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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Review: The Perfect Match for the Seasoned Souls-like Veteran

Souls-like games all have a way of standing out from each other in terms of mechanics and overall feel. But they all have a common theme in providing the players with a fantastic experience through their carefully crafted worlds, not to mention the brutal and unforgiving combat. With Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the setting of the Three Kingdoms provides a memorable experience for players who want to experience a pivotal era in human history. And, with its unique take on some combat mechanics, this

Frogun Review: A Charming Retro Throwback

Frogun is an old-school platformer developed by Molegato and published by Top Hat Studios Inc. The game is inspired by old-school exploration-based platformers that were extremely popular during the PS1/N64 era. With modern controls and a vivid color palette, Frogun excels in many ways that takes gamers back to that beautiful time in the 90s. Without further ado, here’s our review of Frogun!

At the start, you are introduced to Renata, the daughter of world-renowned explorers and inventors uncov

Stray Review: A Memorable Feline Adventure

Video games with action-adventure elements offer us a lot of things to do to catch up with the main character and the wider playable world filled with a variety of activities. In the case of Stray, which has a bit of action and a whole lot of adventure, the backstory of the main character is plain and simple. You are a cat. That’s it. But even without any compelling backstory, Stray offers us a phenomenal adventure in a dystopian cyberpunk world from the perspective of a furry protagonist. The a

Gran Turismo Sport Review: Is it Good or Bad?

If you’re on the PS4 or PS5 wanting to buy a racing game, then you definitely heard of Gran Turismo. The series has been around for nearly three decades and has been a vital part of every PlayStation and racing fan’s memory. The latest installment, Gran Turismo Sport has received mixed reviews when it was launched in 2017 but how is it in 2021? Well, we're here today to answer that question. As gamers ourselves, we feel like Gran Turismo Sport deserves a second chance. While it did have a shaky