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How Gran Turismo Revolutionized Car Culture

When you hear the name Gran Turismo, you imagine a racing game filled with unprecedented potential and one that takes the love for car culture to the next level. It shares a belief that you need cars in your life and makes you fall in love with them in an unexpected way. The absolute joy of taking a Supra around Trial Mountain and coming up with the perfect lap after so many failed attempts, tuning your Honda Civic to win the Sunday Cup, and finally having the ability to buy that coveted Le Mans

The Callisto Protocol Gameplay Revealed And Confirms December Release

The gameplay of the upcoming sci-fi game The Callisto Protocol has finally been revealed at the Playstation State of Play. It has been created by Dead Space co-creator Glen Schofield’s new studio. Additionally, the game has a release date set for December 2 this year. The Callisto Protocol: What Is It? The name ‘The Callisto Protocol’ is not a familiar name to many in the gaming community. It is a sci-fi horror game made by Striking Distance Studios, founded by Dead Space co-creator Glen Schof

Assassin's Creed Unity Portrayed Revolutionary Paris Perfectly

Being a game renowned for its bugs and glitches, Assassin's Creed Unity still has a lot to offer players, especially with its beautifully designed open world. The majority of the game takes place in the city of Paris, which is filled with amazingly accurate details of the French Revolutionary era. This makes it a unique game like no other. Assassin’s Creed Unity has its fair share of flaws (and bugs), but that doesn’t take it away from being one of Ubisoft’s most ambitious games ever. The setti

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Has Been Officially Revealed

BioWare has officially announced the 4th mainline installment in the Dragon Age series titled Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. Fans of the series might know that Dreadwolf refers to Solas, a well-known character in the lore of the game world. According to BioWare, more details regarding the game will come later this year. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf – What We Know So Far The BioWare blog shares details about Solas the Dreadwolf, who has obvious strong connections to the game. The blog states ”Solas, the Dread

Top 10 Rarest Cars in Gran Turismo History

These rare cars only appear a handful of times in the Gran Turismo series and sometimes were also difficult to obtain for your prestigious car collection. They are unique and exotic in their own way and definitely a sight to behold. For this reason, we have compiled a list of what we believe to be the top 10 rarest cars in the entire history of Gran Turismo! Gran Turismo has become a household brand among racing fans thanks to the inclusion of a wide variety of cars. In all of the Gran Turismo

Playstation London Studio Is Working On A New Fantasy-Based Live Service Game

According to multiple job postings on their website, Playstation London Studio is apparently working on a new fantasy live service game. The London Studio has been looking for candidates for various positions including Narrative Lead, Senior Gameplay Animator, and Lead Character Artist. Playstation London Studio’s New Game: What We Know So Far A lot of important details can be found by going through the job descriptions on the website. Firstly, the description for the Narrative Lead states tha

Gran Turismo 7 Best Credit Farming Methods

There are over 400 cars in Gran Turismo 7 with numerous customization options. You need a huge amount of credits in order to buy everything in the game. Fortunately, after the recent updates, there are a few credit farming methods that will help you expand and enhance your car collection. In Gran Turismo 7, credits are the main currency and are necessary to increase and improve your car collections. They are not only required to buy cars but also are used in buying upgrade parts, paint schemes,

Sony Reveals Games Lineup For All-New Playstation Plus

In a recent post on the official Playstation Blog, Sony has revealed the games lineup of the upcoming Playstation Plus service. The service will be launching first in Asia on May 23 and in other areas in June. The list is composed of games from all eras that are downloadable with the exception of PS3 games that will be available only for streaming. @Wario64 posted the whole catalog on Twitter for a proper look at all the games. All New Playstation Plus Service: Exciting Times For Playstation F

Remedy Shares Update on Alan Wake 2 Including Concept Artwork

During the Alan Wake Anniversary Update, Sam Lake, creative director at Remedy shared an update about the development of Alan Wake 2. Ilkka Villi and Matthew Porreta, the model and voice for Alan Wake respectively were also present. Lake, says that they will not be revealing more information about the game soon. He adds,” We’ve been talking the past couple of months and we’ve come to a decision that we will not be showing anything big this summer”. He further says ”We want to make sure that we

Sony-owned Studio Firesprite Is Working On a New AAA Horror Game

Sony’s recently acquired studio Firesprite is apparently working on a new AAA horror game according to a recent job listing. The posting on the studio’s website was for a Narrative Director. The game will also run on Unreal Engine 5. It said that the person is ”responsible for the project storytelling, helping establish & consider the game’s universe and lore, with responsibility for the quality implementation of narrative content for project milestones and ultimately the game’s release.” Fire

[Top 10] Fallout 4 Best Graphics Mods that Make The Game Look Amazing

Fallout 4 is one of the most beloved RPGs in recent times and players keep coming back to it because of the vast amount of content it has to offer. But after a few years, the graphics just don't seem to stand the test of time. Luckily the modding community has come up with amazing graphics mods to freshen up the experience of playing it for the n-th time. That’s why here are the 10 best graphics mods that make the game look stunning and amazing in every way. There are tons and tons of billboard

Sony To Acquire Bungie For $3.6 Billion

Bungie has confirmed that they have joined Sony Interactive Entertainment as well as the Playstation Family. This unexpected acquisition news comes after Microsoft acquired Activision earlier in January for $68.7 Million. After the Microsoft- Activision merger, there were rumors that Sony was making moves into acquiring other publishers. Teaming up with Bungie seems reasonable for both parties at the moment. According to a report, the Bungie acquisition is set for a grand total of $3.6 Billion.

Microsoft To Acquire Activision Blizzard

Microsoft has announced that it will acquire Activision Blizzard for a grand total of $68.7 Billion. The company had recently released a statement regarding this acquisition. According to Microsoft, this deal will ‘bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone, across every device’. According to the announcement, Bobby Kotick will remain CEO to ‘further strengthen the company’s culture and business growth’. Phil Spencer will take over the role after the deal is finalized. The acquisition o

[Top 25] Fallout 4 Best Weapon Mods Everyone Should Have

The world of Fallout 4 is harsh and full of the unknown. To survive you need the best arsenal of weapons. Each weapon can make a serious difference while in combat because each one of them possesses its own exceptional features. The modding community in this regard has come up with great weapons and other necessary features in the game for everyone to use. So, here are the top 25 weapon mods for the game! The Mysterious Magnum from Fallout New Vegas has been made available with the help of this

New Far Cry Game Likely to be a Live-Service Project

The next Far Cry game is likely to be a live-service game according to journalist Jeff Grub. According to him, it will be similar to the model of the new Assassin’s Creed game Infinity. This comes from the news that Dan Hay, the creative director of the Far Cry games, is leaving Ubisoft after 10 years with the company. It is presumed that this was Hay’s last project. He was considered a driving force behind the massive success of the series, one of the company’s most successful to date. Accordi

Discovering Bangkok: A Short but Enlightening Experience

In a city that is filled with bright lights, loud noises and never-ending cars comes a place of serenity. A place where the hustle and bustle has been replaced with tranquility. A place where you can finally take in the beauty of the culture without being overwhelmed by all the other distractions surrounding it. this was my experience visiting Bangkok for the first-time last January, and I would highly recommend anyone looking to escape from their everyday life should do so as well! The energy o

Koh Larn Island: The Beauty of an Inner-Sea Paradise

Thailand | The island of Koh Larn is a small, peaceful paradise off the coast of Thailand. The sand and water are pristine white-golden, and the palm trees sway in a gentle breeze. The people who live on this island seem to have found an escape from all the chaos that surrounds them elsewhere in the world. When me and my parents went to Thailand last year, we wanted an unforgettable experience and for sure we got it. We toured Bangkok and Pattaya mainly in the trip but none of them top the surre

Michelin-Starred Chef, John Fraser, Stuns At Ardor Restaurant ⋆

Recognized as one of the best vegetable-forward chefs in the world, Michelin-starred chef and restaurateur, John Fraser, re-opens Ardor at The West Hollywood EDITION. A California native who refined his expertise under the mentorship of Thomas Keller at The French Laundry, Fraser perfected his technique at lauded Paris establishments including Taillevent and Maison Blanche, before becoming executive chef at Compass where he was awarded two stars by The New York Times. Focusing on the essence of

Venture Capital, Is it Worth It? ⋆ Beverly Hills Magazine

With reality television, people learn how to raise money to start a new business. These shows make it sound so easy; everyone is excited about a launch and thinks their company has something great to sell. But is growing a business with venture capital worth it? The Small Business Administration reports overall, 85% of new businesses founded in the United States fail before their fifth anniversary. Per the National Venture Capital Association, 30% of venture capital-backed small businesses fail

Gran Turismo Sport Review: Is it Good or Bad?

If you’re on the PS4 or PS5 wanting to buy a racing game, then you definitely heard of Gran Turismo. The series has been around for nearly three decades and has been a vital part of every PlayStation and racing fan’s memory. The latest installment, Gran Turismo Sport has received mixed reviews when it was launched in 2017 but how is it in 2021? Well, we're here today to answer that question. As gamers ourselves, we feel like Gran Turismo Sport deserves a second chance. While it did have a shaky